Tranquility Essential Oil Blend

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Tranquility Essential Oil Blend can help quiet the mind and invite a sense of peace and grounding.  It also assists in reducing depression, stress and tension, balances emotions and calms worries.  May also help children to create serenity in their lives and for children who have frequent nightmares.  A blend of 11 pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Scent Desc:  Light wood, herbal & fruit

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes balanced emotions
  • May elevate mood & create a more joyful atmosphere
  • Gives patience and calms worries


Net Wt. - 1/2 oz. (15ml)

Pure Essential Oils of Tangerine, Frankincense, Sweet Marjoram, Siberian Fir, Ho Wood, Lime, Geranium, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Chamomile.

Aromatically:  Diffuse 10-15 drops of Tranquility into air and inhale.  Can also be inhaled directly from bottle - slow and deep.

Topically:        Apply 1-3 drops to wrists, behind neck, behind ears and temples.  Can be diluted into 1 tsp. carrier oil and then applied.