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  • Amber Essence Soap

    Amber Essence Soap

    Exotic and sensual amber combined with patchouli and lavender essential oils create this delightfully alluring soap that calms the mind and warms the heart. The...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Charcoal Facial Soap

    Charcoal Facial Soap

    Our charcoal facial soap is a skin nourishing base generously swirled with activated charcoal.  It works to clarify & detoxify your skin without dehydr...
    Price:  $6.50
  • Cinnamon & Spice Worker Soap

    Cinnamon & Spice Worker Soap

    This soap is an excellent way to rid your hands of ground in dirt resulting from gardening or any other messy chore. The pumice and ground cornmeal gently scrub...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Deep Woods Bug Away Soap

    Deep Woods Bug Away Soap

    The perfect combination of bug repelling pure essential oils in this soap will effectively repel mosquitoes, black flies and other biting and stinging insects.&...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Eucalyptus & Wild Mint Soap

    Eucalyptus & Wild Mint Soap

    Eucalyptus & mint are excellent decongestants and have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This soap is beneficial for clearing stuffy noses ...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Frankincense & Myrrh Soap

    Frankincense & Myrrh Soap

    Treat yourself to a gift fit for a king! Tap into your spiritual energy with the sacred gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh. In addition to the emotional and medita...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Geranium Complexion Soap

    Geranium Complexion Soap

    This gentle facial soap has been formulated with skin nourishing and vitamin enriched oils of calendula, rosemary and macadamia nut, as well as emollient shea b...
    Price:  $6.50
  • Grapefruit Ginger Soap

    Grapefruit Ginger Soap

    Grapefruit Ginger is a balanced body bar with the refreshing scent of grapefruit combined with the spicy zing of ginger. Both oils are anti-bacterial. Makes a g...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Lavender & Comfrey Soap

    Lavender & Comfrey Soap

    Comfrey is well known for its healing qualities and is wonderful for sensitive skin. Lavender, Rosemary, Comfrey Root Powder and Aloe have been added to this so...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Lavender Soap

    Lavender Soap

    Pure essential oil of Lavender and Lavender Buds fill this traditional soap. Lavender oil is an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-depressant and is useful in tr...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Lemongrass Cedar Soap

    Lemongrass Cedar Soap

    The fresh, herbal lemon scent of lemongrass has been combined with woodsy cedarwood to create this luxurious soap that appeals to both men and women. Lemongrass...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Oatmeal Soap

    Oatmeal Soap

    Our Oatmeal soap has been left unscented leaving the simple natural scent of the oat grains which have been added to gently exfoliate the skin. Cocoa butter is ...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Orange Clove Soap

    Orange Clove Soap

    Sweet Orange and Clove Bud oils are antibacterial and antiseptic. Sweet Orange is also a sedative and antidepressant as well. Blended together, these oils creat...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Patchouli and Ylang Ylang Soap

    Patchouli and Ylang Ylang Soap

    The earthy scent of Patchouli, combined with sensuous and exotic Ylang Ylang make this soap a real pleasure. Both Patchouli and Ylang Ylang are excellent for dr...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Patchouli Soap

    Patchouli Soap

    Known to be an aphrodisiac, Patchouli soap can also be called the "love soap". Patchouli is also a very good antiseptic and antifungal making this soa...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Peppermint Soap

    Peppermint Soap

    Pure essential oil of Peppermint Leaf has been added to this soap. It will leave you feeling cool and refreshed while helping stimulate circulation. It has been...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Sunny Citrus Gardeners Soap

    Sunny Citrus Gardeners Soap

    A trio of refreshing citrus oils combine to make this a perfect kitchen and garden soap. Citrus oils provide antibacterial properties and the addition of lemon ...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Sweet Earth Soap

    Sweet Earth Soap

    This special soap is scented with essential oils of lavender and patchouli with just a touch of vanilla. Dried calendula blossoms and calendula oil have been ad...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Tangerine & Lavender Soap

    Tangerine & Lavender Soap

    The calming and relaxing oils of tangerine and lavender combined form a unique scent that you will find delightful. Tangerine is lightly astringent and delicate...
    Price:  $5.00
  • Tea Tree Lemon Mint Soap

    Tea Tree Lemon Mint Soap

    This soap is a wonderful pick me up in the morning. The tea tree oil will revitalize and invigorate while the peppermint oil will make your skin tingle. Tea tre...
    Price:  $5.00
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 20 products)
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