Soaps are made using the cold processed method in 25# batches, hand stirred to trace, then poured into handmade molds, covered and wrapped in wool blankets to insulate and finish the process.  They are then cut into bars and left to cure for 6 weeks.  This results in a hard bar that is long lasting.  They produce rich, luxurious lather, nourish your skin and smell great!  Handmade soaps retain all their natural glycerin.  

  • Patchouli Soap

    Patchouli Soap
    Price:  $4.50
    Known to be an aphrodisiac, Patchouli soap can also be called the "love soap". Patchouli is also a v...
  • Gardenia Soap

    Gardenia Soap
    Price:  $4.50
    This soap has been scented with superior quality Gardenia oil. It has been superfatted with Avocado ...
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