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  • Arnica Salve

    Arnica Salve

    Arnica is a remarkable herb for the treatment of bruises, sprains, overworked sore muscles and tendon injuries. Arnica Salve quickly brings relief from swelling...
    Price:  $4.50
  • Black Drawing Salve

    Black Drawing Salve

    Use to draw out splinters, slivers, bee stings, etc. Also good for drawing out toxins. Wash affected area well, apply drawing salve and cover loosely with a b...
    Price:  $4.50
  • Calendula Salve

    Calendula Salve

    Made from solar infused Calendula flowers in olive oil, beeswax and Vitamin E. This salve is great for quickly healing minor cuts and burns, scrapes, sunburn a...
    Price:  $4.50
  • Chickweed Salve

    Chickweed Salve

    Chickweed is a common herb, long praised for it's medicinal properties and has been used since the middle ages.  Chickweed sooths and relieves itching ...
    Price:  $4.50
  • Comfrey and St. Johns Wort Salve

    Comfrey and St. Johns Wort Salve

    Made from solar infused comfrey leaf and flowers in olive oil and St. Johns wort flowers in sunflower oil. Use this salve for bruises and minor cuts with nerve...
    Price:  $4.50
  • Fire & Ice Pain Relieving Balm

    Fire & Ice Pain Relieving Balm

    This pain relieving balm contains heat promoting ingredients (ginger and cayenne) that confuse pain receptors, temporarily relieving the pain of sore muscles, l...
    Price:  $7.50
  • Gardeners Hand Salve

    Gardeners Hand Salve

    This salve is great for those who love playing in the dirt! Skin softening herbal oils and butters combined with essential oils help heal and sooth dry, rough h...
    Price:  $7.50
  • Headache Relief Balm

    Headache Relief Balm

    A careful combination of 8 essential oils and extracts help ease stress and sinus headaches. Massage onto forehead, temples and back of neck. Expect a cooling s...
    Price:  $4.50
  • Jewelweed Poison Ivy Salve

    Jewelweed Poison Ivy Salve

    Made from solar infused jewelweed plant in olive oil. Jewelweed is nature's remedy for poison ivy and helps stop it from spreading. Sassafras and peru balsa...
    Price:  $4.50
  • Peaceful Slumber Sleep Balm

    Peaceful Slumber Sleep Balm

    A soothing and relaxing night balm with essential oils to help clear your mind, calm and relax so you can fall asleep naturally.  The aroma helps quiet you...
    Price:  $4.50
  • Sore Muscle Balm

    Sore Muscle Balm

    Relief for your tired, strained and overworked muscles and joints! Gently warming due to the cayenne pepper and ginger, this rub goes to work to relieve sore j...
    Price:  $4.50
  • Viro-Fix Balm

    Viro-Fix Balm

    Viro-Fix Balm is excellent as a chest rub.  It helps loosen congestion and contains "hot"oils, which give a warming effect.  It is also anti...
    Price:  $7.50
Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products)
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