Neck Wrap - Black, Red & Beige Flannel

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Soothe arthritis & sore muscles with this aromatherapy neck wrap.  It is filled with a blend of 6 herbs & 8 essential oils known to aid in the relief of arthritis & achey muscles and organic cherry pits.  Tart cherries are also known to help relieve stiffness due to arthritis.  Herbal filling is sewn into 3 individual sections to keep it evenly distributed throughout the pillow.  It has a separate cover that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Length of wrap is 22".  Heating instructions are included.


To heat, place flat in microwave on 50% power for 45 seconds on each side.  Place around neck and enjoy the warmth while your aches & pains melt away.  Also great for lower back and knees.

Wrap stays warm for approximately one half hour.