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Herbal Scent Creations was born in 1996 from a love of healing plants and herbs and my desire to use that knowledge to create 100% natural and incredibly effective body products. I use only the highest quality cold pressed fruit and nut oils, exotic butters, organic botanicals, pure essential oils and in some cases premium fragrance oils to produce my "made from scratch" soaps and other fine body products. Every product is lovingly made in small batches in order to maintain it's freshness and purity. The Earth has provided us with the necessary ingredients to keep us healthy. My products have been created with this in mind. My commitment and belief that "natural is better" is reflected throughout my product line. Ecological sustainability is present in every aspect of my business. Most containers are made from recycled plastics and shipping materials are used & re-used to minimize waste in landfills. I encourage you to recycle these and all other items you have as well. We are stewards of the Earth and it's our responsibility to keep it clean and safe for future generations. The experience of using natural products is unequal to any other. I hope you enjoy using my products and much as I enjoy making them.

Pam Hoehn, Owner, Herbal Scent Creations

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